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no-nonsense, palate-building, pediatric nutritionist/doctor/dentist recommended farm-to-tummy food for your littles, starting as early as 4 months.

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Tiny Farmer aims to prove that kid’s can love and develop a healthy relationship with food that isn’t laced with sugars and preservatives. We also aim to be transparent – which is why every ingredient we use is clearly listed. We source our produce from local farms (Gundermann Acres and YonderWay Farms are our top two providers) for as many ingredients as possible, and adhere to the highest standards when producing this food for your (and our) littles. And we aim to introduce kids – and parents – to a variety of baby-friendly herbs and spices that help build little palates and encourage our kids to be open to new foods, textures, flavors, and cuisines.

We’re excited you’re on this journey with us, and can’t wait to watch your littles grow with the best nutrition we can provide!

All our love,

Kelly + Asher

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