Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our food lasts 5-7 days, but should be consumed within 24 hours of opening. Each individual jar will have its own expiration date, dependent upon ingredients used.  If your baby is only eating small amounts, we recommend spooning out a portion into a bowl to prevent contaminating the container.

While you can freeze for future use, we don’t recommend it. Our food is meant to be consumed fresh and we can’t guarantee any food that isn’t eaten by the expiration date.

We don’t currently ship – wow, that’s expensive! However, we hope to be able to ship in the near future while still ensuring the quality and freshness of our foods.

You can place your orders 2 weeks in advance if you subscribe to our chef’s boxes. Otherwise, orders should be placed by 10 pm Wednesday for pickup on the weekend and following Tuesday. 

We get as many ingredients from local farms as possible and available. Items like organic spices and seasonings are purchased at central market or HEB.

You can purchase our products directly through our website for pickup at locations throughout Houston.

We are so proud to say that you can!

We use limited allergens in very few products. If used, they are clearly labeled on the jar.  While the AAP recommends introducing allergens to children at an early age, please check with your pediatrician before feeding your child allergens.

Always check with your pediatrician first! Though every child is different, our ingredients are safe for most children and babies to consume, and also *may* benefit them in many ways!

Most babies get their nutritional needs met through breastmilk and/or formula for the first year, and food is just a supplement as they practice how to eat, while introducing different flavors and textures. You should always check with your pediatrician about your child’s specific needs.

A team of Houston chefs makes each and every jar of baby food. We do not outsource our production, as that would defeat the purpose of why we’re doing this in the first place!  That’s also why you might find a crooked label every once in a while… ;).  Our tiny Houston-based team oversees every single detail to ensure your baby is getting everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Our products are meant to be caretaker-friendly. You can warm them using your preferred method, or serve them cold.  Teething babies especially love consuming our food while it’s still cold to soothe those aching gums!

Always check with your pediatrician if you’re concerned about your specific child’s needs.

Yes, you can pause or change the frequency of your subscription so long as it’s completed before the cutoff for your pickup date (10pm Friday for Monday pickup; 10 pm Monday for Thursday pickup).